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Woodfield Medical Centre

Freshney Green Primary Care Centre, Grimsby
Telephone: 01472 801 234


Welcome to Woodfield Medical Centre

Our practice is made up of 9 GPs supported by a large clinical team who care for approximately 22,000 patients in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area.

We work from Freshney Green Primary Care Centre, a modern, purpose-built award-winning building and offer our patients a wide range of services in spacious, well equipped, and comfortable surroundings. You can see information about the building and facilities at the Freshney Green website.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative and forward-thinking training organisation which places much emphasis on the provision of high-quality services and actively seeks the opinions of our patients on the standard of care provided.

The website has been designed to provide you with clear and concise information about our practice and the services we provide. We hope you will find the content informative and useful to your healthcare needs. If you have any suggestions on how it may be improved, please contacted us on the email above or complete one of the suggestions forms available in practice.

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Winter pressures

Winter is the busiest period for the NHS, with increases in the number of people needing help across all services. Click here to find out how you can get the help you need in the best way.

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Mission statement

Our Vision

We are the Woodfield Medical team we are here for you.

Our Mission

Our team aims to provide individual patient care, to create a better and healthier life for our patients, in a safe and dignified environment.

Our Values

  • Trust and respect – we place trust in our employees to provide a high standard of care and build trusting relationships with our patients, respecting individuality and choice and promoting inclusivity for all. We trust our patients to treat staff in a respectful manner without the threat of aggression or violence.
  • Confidentiality – we protect and value your right to confidentiality, ensuring security and data protection is maintained, while safeguarding vulnerable people who cannot protect themselves.
  • Professionalism and pride – we pride ourselves in the way we deliver professional and supporting environments for all our patients and employees. The staff at Woodfield Medical Centre all strive to give their best in their chosen profession and take satisfaction from helping patients improve their health and wellbeing or providing a helping hand through difficult times.
  • Communication – we always endeavour to listen and provide effective communication for all, this improves the patient experience and ensures safety, promoting a culture which is transparent and open to learning.
  • Teamwork – we work collaboratively with GP practices and network with local services to improve patient care. As a training practice we help develop new doctors and nurses securing the future of the NHS and work closely with employees to develop and support them in their personal and professional progression through continued training and education.